NCBA's Ethan Lane Believes mCOOL is Old News


Oklahoma Farm Report

13 Sep 2021


Several members of the U.S. Senate are pushing to reinstate mandatory Country-of-Origin labeling (mCOOL) in hopes of helping U.S. cattle producers be more profitable. Ethan Lane, vice president of government affairs for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), told Ron Hays, mCOOL is not going to solve any problems, going as far as calling it a failure.


“We see something like this in every congress,” Lane said. “It is simply not the solution to the problems we are facing in the supply chain today.”


When mCOOL was introduced in the 2012 Farm Bill, it violated international trade laws and led to legal action from Canada and Mexico who stated that mCOOL, “accords imported Mexican and Canadian livestock treatment less favorable than that accorded to like domestic livestock …”


“It was a failure,” Lane said. “It did not provide producers with additional profit on their cattle.”


Some folks in the cattle industry believe that mCOOL is a solution to a lot of problems in the beef industry, Lane said he believes there is not much more to talk about within the mCOOL conversation.


“That conversation has moved on,” Lane said...


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