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·         What Businesses Are Saying About Biden's New Vaccine Mandate

·         Key trade group has questions about Biden vaccine mandate



What Businesses Are Saying About Biden's New Vaccine Mandate


By Andrea Hsu, NPR

via KGOU Oklahoma - September 12, 2021




As COVID continues to spread in the U.S., President Biden is putting in place new requirements for millions of American workers. Most federal employees and contractors who do business with the federal government must get vaccinated. And sometime soon, if it all goes according to his plans, workers at companies with at least 100 employees will have to get vaccinated, too, or undergo weekly testing. NPR's Andrea Hsu is here to talk about that with us. Hi. Good morning.


ANDREA HSU, BYLINE: Good morning, Lulu.


GARCIA-NAVARRO: I think the reaction to this vaccine mandate for private sector workers has been pretty strident.


HSU: Yeah. Well…


... There's a frozen foods company that I've been checking in with throughout the pandemic. It's called Bellisio Foods. They have a manufacturing plant in Ohio. And Margot McManus, their chief people officer, told me, philosophically, this is a good thing, but she is worried about how they're going to execute it. And she thinks this vaccine requirement could make it even harder for them to find workers.


MARGOT MCMANUS: There's an incredible labor shortage, and people are trying to make sure that you're an employer of choice so people want to stay with you, and now we add on a whole nother layer of complexity.


HSU: She told me, right now, the company's overall vaccination rate is about 50%, but among union workers, the ones who are on the production floor, it's just 30%, and that's after the company has gone to great lengths to convince people, even bringing the vaccines on-site.


GARCIA-NAVARRO: That's fascinating. Now, as we've said at the start, there is a testing option for employees at private companies who won't get vaccinated. What's that going to look like?


HSU: Well, very few details...




GARCIA-NAVARRO: … many workers in the United States are represented by unions. How have they responded to this?


HSU: They've been strongly encouraging their members to get vaccinated. But even just a few weeks ago, many said they were against vaccine mandates. But now the tide seems to be turning. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union struck a deal with the meat and chicken producer Tyson Foods over its vaccine mandate, and that resulted in some new paid sick leave for front-line workers. Their stance now is, we'll work with the administration to ensure that essential workers have a voice in shaping the final rules. And one last thing, Lulu The mandate at Tyson Foods seems to be working. They report that since it was announced in early August, about half of the workers who were unvaccinated then have gotten it done...





Key trade group has questions about Biden vaccine mandate


Karl Evers-Hillstrom, The Hill

via MSN - Sep 13, 2021


The Consumer Brands Association, a trade group representing packaged goods companies such as Coca-Cola and General Mills, asked President Biden to clarify details of his new COVID-19 vaccine requirement in a letter Monday.


The business group sent the White House a lengthy list of questions, inquiring about how businesses will verify proof of vaccination, the consequences of falsifying vaccination status, whether workers or employers must pay for COVID-19 testing and when the new rules will go into effect, among other issues.


Geoff Freeman, Consumer Brands president and CEO, wrote that the group's member companies flooded his inbox with more than 50 unique questions about the requirement that need "immediate clarification."


"Federal agencies must move quickly, anticipate challenges, promptly answer questions and partner with the private sector if we are to realize successful implementation of the administration's COVID-19 Action Plan and achieve our shared goal of increased vaccination rates," Freeman wrote...


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