Bacon-less Wendy’s now closed in Health Village


by Brendan O'Connor, Bungalower (FL)

Sep 12, 2021


The infamous no-bacon Wendy’s location in Ivanhoe Village, just across the street from AdventHealth at 2400 N. Orange Avenue, has closed...


... this specific location of Wendy’s was prohibited from serving any pork products on its menu due to restrictions in its lease with its landlord, the Adventist Health System, and Seventh-Day Adventists abstain from pork as they consider it “unclean.”


A spokesperson for the fast-food restaurant couldn’t be located at the time of this post for a quote but the last time we had covered the location was back in 2020 when it ran out of meat. Well, not all meat, as they still had “small meat” available, whatever that is...