Weekly pig prices see biggest decline in five years

Pig prices have taken the biggest hit since 2016 as the ongoing staffing crisis continues to hit processors


by FarmingUK

10 September 2021


Weekly pig prices have seen the biggest decline in five years against the backdrop of staff shortages in pork processing plants and soaring feed costs.


There was a significant fall in the EU-spec SPP for the week ending 4 September, with the figure dropping to 156.39p per kilogram.


This means that producers received, on average, 2.31p less for their pigs than the week before. At this price, the SPP is the lowest since June.


The National Pig Association (NPA) warned that producers across the UK were currently facing a 'major crisis'.


According to AHDB analysis, this further decrease in pig prices was a result of constraints on slaughter and processing capacity due to staff shortages.


Recent falls in pig prices in most EU member states has likely also played a role, it explained, enabling pig meat imports into the UK to be more price competitive...