Australian shoppers see the health benefits of red meat, says new research


Meat & Livestock Australia

The Cattle Site - 10 September 2021


The latest consumer sentiment research from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) finds that health and nutrition are the top reasons people want to eat red meat.


Conducted annually since 2010, the independent research conducted by Pollinate, that measures and tracks consumer sentiment towards the red meat industry in metropolitan areas, also showed Australian’s continue to hold red meat producers in high regard, placing farmers amongst the most trusted members of the community.


MLA Managing Director, Jason Strong said the findings reflected a growing acknowledgement of cattle and sheep producers and the work of the industry to share its story.


“Perceptions of the Australian red meat industry are relatively strong, and knowledge of the industry among consumers in metropolitan Australia is growing,” Mr Strong said…


… “Those who feel they have a stronger understanding also feel more positive towards the production of red meat in Australia, farmer’s care for the environment and raising of cattle and sheep in a humane manner. They also believe it is particularly important for school children to learn more about how the industry produces beef...