Mexico’s resilient pork sector gears for growth


Natalie Berkhout, Pig Progress 

Sep 10, 2021


Pork production in Mexico is anticipated to reach record levels in 2022. That reflects a recovery and growth in domestic demand as well as strong exports to Asia.


Mexico’s livestock sector remains resilient in the face of numerous environmental, policy, and economic challenges, yet domestic consumer demand for pork continues to rise despite all-time high prices.


A growing pig herd


Mexico’s pig herd is forecast to expand to 21.45 million head in 2022, up 3% from 2021, according to a GAINS report released on in July 2021 by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This growth is expected to continue due to improved swine genetics, breeding, animal health protocols, and strong domestic and export demand for pork. Furthermore, litter sizes are expanding, and hog mortality rates continue to fall.


Swine slaughter is forecast to reach 20.3 million head in 2022, up 3% from 2021. Industry sources report that hog weights for slaughter vary from about 120 to 127 kg.


Hog prices are expected to plateau in 2022 after record price volatility in 2020/2021 when average hog prices rose 11.4%, peaking at 33.3 Mexican pesos (US$ 1.67/kg). In terms of feed, Mexico’s National Association of Balanced Animal Feed (CONAFAB) noted that Mexico’s swine sector is forecast to consume about 17% of total domestic compound feed production of 40 million metric tonnes in 2021.


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