Farm to Fork strategy voted one step closer to legally binding status


By Flora Southey, Food Navigator



MEPs on the Environment, Public Health & Food Safety and Agriculture Committees have adopted the report on the Farm to Fork strategy.


Today, 94 members from ENVI and AGRI Committees voted in favour of the European Commission’s Farm to Fork Strategy report, first presented in May last year. A total of 20 MEPs voted against and 10 abstained.


From here, the report will be put in front of the full Parliament to be debated and voted on in the coming weeks. The Commission expects this will take place during one of the upcoming plenary sessions next month.


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Spotlight on animal welfare​


Amongst the report’s strategies for a more sustainable food system is a call for animal welfare standards to be reviewed.


By voting for the report, MEPs have shown their support for common, science-based animal welfare indicators to ensure a stronger harmonisation in the EU.


The report also calls on the Commission to put forward legislation phasing out the use of cages for farmed animals, and emphasises the necessity for higher standards for fish, in particular by supporting better “methods of capture, landing, transport and slaughter of fish and marine invertebrates”. ​


Animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) EU has welcomed the ENVI and AGRI Committees’ support for a transition to more plant-rich diets, as well as improved animal welfare…


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