Cargo Congestion Worsens With More Ships Waiting to Enter U.S. Ports


·         Forty massive cargo vessels are waiting off Los Angeles ports

·         China’s trade gateways are crowded, too, amid peak season


By Kevin Varley, Bloomberg 

September 9, 2021


The number of container ships waiting to enter America’s top three ports has been on a steady rise since July.


There were 40 container vessels waiting to offload at the adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in Southern California as of Wednesday, the most since Bloomberg developed an index tracking port congestion globally.


On the East Coast, Georgia’s Port of Savannah had 20 cargo carriers idling in queue, compared with just eight in port -- the highest congestion rate of all major ports in the world...


... In China, congestion off the docks at Ningbo has eased considerably since numbers soared at the end of August, but some of that traffic was dispersed and led to higher counts off regional gateways like Qingdao, which also recorded its highest waiting ship tally since August...


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