Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets Will Now Be Served in Select US School Cafeterias


Maxwell Rabb, The Beet.

September 10, 2021


Soon, kids won’t be staring at their lunch trays guessing what mystery meat they’ve just been served. Schools across California and Washington will roll out vegan chicken nuggets on cafeteria menus, providing students with a healthier, less-mysterious lunch option. The vegan Kickin’ Nuggets come from Seattle-based Rebellyous Foods, a plant-based food tech company founded by the former senior scientist of The Good Food Institute Christie Lagally. Partnering with six school districts, Rebellyous Foods will serve nearly 125,000 students its vegan chicken nuggets.


The plant-based company aims to enhance the accessibility of vegan foods, especially within schools and hospitals. Lagally hopes that the partnerships with schools will allow young children to develop healthier eating habits from an early age.


“As school districts across the nation face supply chain shortages, we are proud to be able to offer students nutritious, delicious, plant-based nuggets,” Lagally said. “Making plant-based foods available to everyone, especially schoolchildren, is a critical part of our mission at Rebellyous Foods.”


The vegan chicken nuggets are made of textured wheat, cornstarch, oil, corn breading, and chicken-less flavoring...