Should vegan products be sold in the meat aisle?

Itís a tricky question that many of us often debate, but as Clea Grady explains, it might be a good thing when you canít find the vegan section in the supermarketÖ


Clea Grady, Vegan Food & Living

9th September 2021


Food shopping changes when you go vegan. Do you remember the days when you would wander aimlessly from aisle to aisle, the entire supermarket your oyster, picking things up and pondering them?


Once youíre vegan though, you turn into a shopper who acts more like a highly trained burglar or spy, with pre-programmed geo-coordinates of every plant-based product and ingredient.


Herbivores can scoot around the edges of an average supermarket, swoop down the aisles that contain our bounty and past those that we know house nothing but disappointment and death. Itís practically a superpower.


But what if we turn that scenario on its head when asking should vegan products be sold in the meat aisle?


After all, if itís possible for us, as vegans, to avoid several aisles of food, surely itís possible for all the non-vegans to avoid our little, and usually green-marked, areas?


ďThatís a good thingĒ, you say? The vegan-friendly areas are easy to find and who wants to see, or even have to acknowledge, all that vacuum-packed flesh?


I hear you. It makes my life easier and more palatable too, but I suggest that, as vegans, we have a responsibility to toughen up and look at the big picture, because this is not about us...


Increased sales of plant-based products in the meat aisle Ö† †


Money talks ...


Conclusion: Why vegan products should be sold in the meat aisle ...


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