Cattle Group CEOS Differ On Needed Response To BSE Detection In Brazil


Radio 570 WNAX (SD)

Sep 9, 2021


This week, two atypical cases of BSE were detected in Brazil. U.S. Cattle Group CEO’s have a different take on what should be done following this detection. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Colin Woodall says the fact the cases were atypical should alleviate some of the concerns.


R-CALF CEO Bill Bullard says however that the U.S. should not allow Brazilian beef into the U.S.


Woodall says although these latest Brazil BSE cases were atypical, the U.S. still needs to hold Brazil’s feet to the fire in making sure they’re making accurate and timely reporting of any detections of that disease.


Bullard says while the U.S. shouldn’t be allowing beef from Brazil into the U.S., at the very least that beef should be labeled...


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