Revised UK welfare in transport measures come under fire


Tony McDougal, Poultry World

Sep 9, 2021


The UK government has been criticised for failing to adopt a science and evidence-based approach over its controversial welfare in transport consultation. Despite an extensive consultation with the farming industry, the revised proposals fail to provide proof that they will benefit animal welfare.


Thomas Wornham, National Farmers Union poultry board chair, said the union had urged the government to undertake additional research and gather further empirical background information, especially as much of its evidence base was between 20-30 years old and did not reflect modern farming practices. “It is incredibly disappointing that government has not taken this suggestion forward, or supplied a thorough impact assessment on how the proposals will challenge the viability of the sector, or considered how they may potentially compromise welfare.


Consultation response


“We highlighted in our consultation response (February 2021) that the sector already has tried and tested protocols to manage bird welfare during transport, consistently applied through its integrated structure. These have proved highly effective in a sector where welfare is already a key priority,” said Wornham.


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