Pork industry on the verge of oversupply this lockdown


Maja Burry, RNZ (New Zealand)

9 September 2021


The impact of Covid-19 restrictions on the food service sector has the pork industry once again worried about a possible surplus of pigs.


During last year's nationwide lockdown the Government spent $5.8 million dollars buying 12,000 pig carcasses from overstocked farms and donating it to charity.


The industry group New Zealand Pork said while it was managing at the moment, the ongoing impact of level 4 restrictions on Auckland's large food service sector could lead to problems.


Chief executive David Baines said it was closely monitoring the situation, in a bid to ensure it didn't face an animal welfare crisis during the Covid-19 restrictions.


"It wouldn't take much for you know... maybe some of the customers based in Auckland, [sic] continue to be shut down... all of a sudden, that could create an oversupply of pigs due to the reduced demand," he said...