Vets warn that proposed EU antibiotics rule puts animal health at risk

A proposed antibiotics rule could, "counteract the EU's efforts to combat [antibiotic resistance]," say thousands of vets and animal health experts.


Global Ag Media

via The Pig Site - 9 September 2021


Almost 7,000 veterinarians, animal health experts and other concerned parties have warned MEPs that a proposed motion to go beyond science-based restrictions on antibiotic use for animals would threaten the health and welfare of livestock and pets.


In an open letter, the signatories write that adopting a motion to go further than the new veterinary medicine regulations, which come into force in January, would “counteract the EU’s efforts to combat [antibiotic resistance] and may even increase pressure upon antimicrobials, exacerbating the risk of resistance development.”


They warn that the motion also disregards the scientific advice of EU agencies, which set criteria for restricting antibiotics use for human medicine, and would delay measures to protect public health.


Among those to sign the open letter are:


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