Brazil truckers partially block routes, grains still shipping


By Ana Mano and Nayara Figueiredo, Thomson Reuters

via The Mighty 790 KFGO (ND) - Sep 8, 2021


Fargo, ND, USA / SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazilian truckers have staged demonstrations and partially blocked key routes in several states, according to a federal highway police bulletin seen by Reuters on Wednesday, though grains exporters said shipments have not been affected.


Truckers were still partially blocking highways at 5:30 p.m. local time in eight states, according to a separate statement from the Infrastructure Ministry based on federal highway police reports.


Authorities said they are working to disperse protesters and free up all highways by midnight, the ministry added.


In late morning, federal Brazil’s highway police (PRF) reported 53 blockades on federal roads tied to “social and political events, not involving key issues for independent truckers.”


President Jair Bolsonaro drew tens of thousands of supporters to major cities on Tuesday, including some truckers, using a national holiday to step up his attacks on Brazil’s Supreme Court and voting system, according to the Rio de Janeiro Branch of the federal highway police. Truckers have previously demonstrated this year over high fuel prices.


Wednesday’s blockades affected top grain-producing state Mato Grosso, as well as Minas Gerais, where fuel truckers took part in a 24-hour strike beginning on Tuesday.


Blockades were also reported near the port of...