Ag Secretary Vilsack Goes to the White House


By Chris Clayton, DTN/Progressive Farmer



Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack opened up the daily press briefing Wednesday at the White House to talk about the Biden administration's work to address rising meat prices at grocery stores.


The secretary spoke to the White House press corps about some of the actions USDA is doing to invest $500 million into smaller packing plants and address antitrust enforcement in the packing industry. He also talked about the need for legislation "to make cattle markets more transparent and fair"


... Vilsack noted repeatedly that farmers selling cattle, hogs and poultry were losing money at a time when consumers were paying higher prices at the grocery stores, and "the fact that there are now record profits or near-record profits for those in the middle."


Vilsack said there has been so much consolidation in the processing industry that "it's very difficult to determine whether or not the prices being aid to farmers is fair." He added that's why USDA is producing more information on price discovery, and he alluded to the need for legislation but somewhat vague on exactly what legislation should be passed...