Animal rights group calls for criminal charges against Stokes County slaughterhouse


by Samiar Nefzi, WCTI (NC)

September 8th 2021


Walnut Cove, N.C. A Walnut Cove slaughterhouse is at the center of an agricultural investigation after they were said to have "failed to slaughter and handle animals humanely."


The USDA notice stated two employees at M.L. Mitchell and Son Meat Processing attempted to stun a goat with a rifle, and after two failed attempts, used a knife to cut the goat's neck, causing it to bleed to death, according to the federal document.


"This incident was cruel and was not approved by the slaughter industry," said PETA's Assistant Manager of Investigations Colin Henstock.


The meat processing plant was placed on suspension for 30 hours before operations resumed.


During that time, Director of Operations, Carl Mitchell told ABC 45 News an investigation at the plant was opened internally to determine what happened...