High-tech 'brand' to track cattle information

Blockapps and Genesis-Blockchain for Beef partner to tie data to animal from birth to harvest.


Willie Vogt, BEEF Magazine 

Sep 08, 2021


The cattle industry captures a lot of information about the animals being raised — birth weights, feed intake, rates of gain and more. A new partnership is looking at ways to make sure all that information stays with the animal, providing buyers along the way critical data as needed.


Blockapps — a blockchain tech company that recently worked with Bayer Crop Science to create TraceHarvest for tracking seed information — is getting into the beef business. Genesis-Blockchain for Beef is teaming with Blockapps to create a new system for tracking data to each animal.


“There are some convergent technologies in the beef industry,” says Sid Siefken, director of business development for Blockapps. “Electronic identification resides with the calf, and companies like AllFlex have RFID tags.”


Siefken recalls the origin of branding to identify cattle on the range. Today, a lot of other information is available about each animal, from its genetic background to how it’s being raised.


“Now, I know exactly where it calved; I know some individual identifying information due to the EID tag. And now we’re going to pull that into a blockchain environment, so we have that beginning record on that animal,” he says...


Managing a lot of data ...  


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