Meat definitions inquiry: ‘You can’t call a hang glider a 747’


James Nason, BEEF Central (AU)



Northern cattle producers have taken umbrage with the Australian consumer watchdog for failing to take stronger action on what they believe is a straight forward ‘truth in labelling’ issue surrounding the branding of alternative meat products.


The beef industy should not have had to have waited “for the actions of a brave senator” to pull an inquiry together to answer a question that was in effect “very simple”, Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association president David Connolly told the first public hearing of the meat definitions inquiry yesterday.


“You should not be able to call a product beef when it simply isn’t,” Mr Connolly (left) said.


“You especially shouldn’t be able to do so when you market your product as being superior and supply no evidence for this claim.


“You especially shouldn’t be able to do so when you are being dishonest in misrepresenting the enormous progress that Australian beef industry has made to improve practice in line with changing community expectations.”


The Oxford Dictionary defined beef as “the flesh of a bovine cow bull or ox,” he noted.


“You simply cannot call a hang-glider a 747 and demand people consider them the same thing,” he said...


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