Kroger's Rebrand Continues With a Unifying Symbol

The Fresh Cart encapsulates the retailer's heritage and its goal to make fresh food accessible


By Richard Collings, Adweek

Sep 8, 2021


Supermarket chain Kroger is embarking on the latest stage of a rebrand that began in 2019 with a new icon it calls the Fresh Cart.


This icon—a shopping cart with a slice of orange as the basket—will be added to all of Kroger’s banners, which also include Ralphs and Food4Less, to provide a sense of continuity for the overall portfolio.


This is particularly important given Kroger’s goal of doubling its $10 billion ecommerce business by 2023, Mandy Rassi, Kroger’s vp of marketing, told Adweek.


“The key is we want to have some commonality and consistency, and we’ve done that through having a common brand strategy,” Rassi said. “We have an important growing seamless business on the ecommerce side.”


While the supermarket operator has consolidated some of its banners, such as Roundy’s, into other brands, it has chosen to maintain other regional names because of consumer loyalty, according to Rassi...


Developing an icon ...  


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