Greenpeace Targets Tesco, Accusing Retailer Of 'Fanning The Flames' In The Amazon


European Supermarket Magazine

Sep 8 2021


Greenpeace has set its sights on UK retailer Tesco, accusing the retailer of 'fanning the flames' of the forest fires in Brazil through its supply chain purchases.


The environmental group released a video on its website, 'Do you know Tesco's burning secret?', in which it alleges that the group 'buys meat from companies owned by Amazon rainforest destroyers, and sells chicken and pork fed on soya from deforested land elsewhere in Brazil'.


It added that while Tesco 'will tell you that it doesn’t buy meat from Brazil', its purchase of meat from Brazilian meat giant JBS, or meat that is reared on soya sourced from Brazil, means that it is 'making a profit out of Amazon destruction'.


Greenpeace claims that 'Tesco are complicit in the fires raging across Brazil, which are causing damage to the people who live there – and the world’s climate'.


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