Farm Labor Shortage on Pork Farms Threatening to Cap Production


Southern Farm Network

September 8, 2021    


U.S. pork producers have been fighting challenges like low prices and the threat of foreign animal diseases for years. However, there’s another problem that producers face: getting enough labor to keep their operations running smoothly. Dave Preisler is CEO of the Minnesota Pork Producers Association. The number one challenge they hear about from producers is not enough hired help.


“It’s very serious – it’s probably the number one thing that pork producers bring up as a concern. Now obviously, it ranges from farm to farm, but it is the number one thing that we hear from folks out there, and that’s followed closely by preparation for foreign animal disease because of some of the things that are going on around the globe with the African Swine Fever. First and foremost, it just puts more stress on the other workers or the owners of the farm because they’re having to put in additional hours, or effort or that sort of thing just to kind of cover for how much they may be short. It can even get to the point where it hurts production if you’re really short of folks.”


The process of finding enough help is extensive and expensive, as well as exhausting...


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