Is DxE animal rights activist exploiting media bias?

Same man who fooled one network into thinking he was the CEO of Smithfield Foods tricks another into thinking he is the CEO of Tyson Foods


Roy Graber, WATTPoultry

Sep 8, 2021


For the second time, Matt Johnson, an animal rights activist with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), has tricked a television news crew into believing he is the CEO of a major animal protein producer.


Several days ago, Johnson went onto Newsmax pretending he was Tyson Foods CEO Donnie King, totally fooling hosts Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino. In December, Johnson pretended he was then-Smithfield Foods CEO Dennis Organ while speaking to Fox Businessí Maria Bartiromo.


The strategy


Iím noticing a pattern here, and even though I deplore what he is doing, I have to admit his strategy is pretty brilliant.


Both networks targeted so far are very much right-leaning. And it appears they are so intent on making the left look bad that they arenít even paying attention to who they are interviewing. But Johnson likely isnít too concerned about making either political party look bad. He just wants the animal agriculture industry to look bad...


It happened before; it can happen again ...