China Sees Its Nuclear Arsenal as More Than a Deterrent

Beijing is adding warheads, missiles and subs at an alarming rate. The goal is global dominance.


By William Schneider Jr., Opinion, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

Sept. 7, 2021


The military threat from Beijing is accelerating at a pace few anticipated. Recently released satellite imagery shows that China is rapidly constructing nearly 300 hardened underground silos in its western desert to house intercontinental ballistic missiles. Also unexpected was the revelation that China recently began work on a third site of similar size near Ordos City that was not previously associated with ICBMs.


This indicates that the Chinese have dramatically increased their operationally deployed strategic nuclear warheads beyond even what was forecast by the Defense Department a year ago. The type of Chinese missile expected to be loaded into these particular silos is currently in serial production, so it won’t be long before these sites reach their full capability. According to Adm. Charles Richard, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, the scope and scale of these activities should be considered a “strategic breakout by China.”


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