California Bill Targets Amazon Labor Practices


Mike O'Brien, Multichannel Merchant

September 7, 2021


A California bill that passed its assembly in May and is pending before the state senate targets Amazonís algorithm-driven labor practices at its fulfillment centers Ė without naming Amazon specifically.


The bill, called AB 701, would require companies to provide new warehouse hires with a description of all work quotas, and the consequences of failing to meet them. A second, related part of the measure would prevent companies from requiring workers to meet quotas that would keep them from taking meal and restroom breaks, or would violate OSHA standards.


While Amazon isnít named, itís generally understood that the billís intent is to go after the ecommerce giant, its labor practices and working conditions at its hundreds of fulfillment locations, which have come under increased scrutiny.


ďAmazon has set the pace, creating a market for next-day delivery of consumer goods,Ē Lorena Gonzalez, a Democratic assembly member from San Diego and the billís author, told the Los Angeles Times. ďWe see Walmart and other large warehouses following suit. We need to make sure our laws catch up with that.Ē


Opposition from business groups to the bill has been intense...


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