Meat definition inquiry kicks off: The hypocrisy inherent in meat’s hijacking


James Nason, BEEF Central (AU)



Alternative meat products seeking to leverage off the strong customer reputation of meat while deriding livestock production as unsustainable and unhealthy were central to concerns expressed by northern cattle industry representatives at the first public hearing of the senate inquiry into meat category branding, which kicked off this afternoon.


Today’s session saw Katherine cattle producer Dr Rebecca Mohr Bell, Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association president David Connolly and CEO Will Evans and NT Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Agriculture, Fisheries and Defence Deputy CEO Luke Bowen appear before senators via telephone and video links.


Dr Rebecca Mohr Bell spoke about how family has invested more than $1 million to increase the sustainability of their Katherine cattle operation, including a focus on improving herd fertility to ensure every animal is productive which reduces emissions per kilogram of beef produced.


Dr Mohr Bell, whose PhD studies was completed in the field of carbon trading for the beef industry, said she is frustrated by non-meat products seeking to leverage off the investments the beef industry has made to create a product that is nutritious, safe and sustainable.


“They are leveraging off those qualities we have created and in the next breath they are denigrating our industry,” she said...