Local McDonald’s employees walk out, cite frustration


By Daniella Griesbaum, The Bradford Era (PA)

Sep 6, 2021


Citing unresolved complaints, disparities in wages with other businesses, staffing shortages and issues with building maintenance, the entire staff of the McDonald’s in Bradford who worked the weekend morning shift walked out in protest Sunday morning.


Due to the lack of staff, the franchise was forced to close for several hours until alternative staff from other McDonald’s franchises could arrive.


According to a former employee who said he quit last week after working for the store for more than a decade, and who asked not to be named, “this is not the first incident of employees walking out of the Bradford store due to issues with executive management.”


He said that last summer, during a night shift, the staff left due to an ongoing issue with the air conditioning units in the kitchen not functioning properly. The episode resulted in the business’ closure for a short time while the issue was resolved, the former employee said...