Survey Says Farmers Know of Carbon Programs, Not Many are Taking Advantage


By Andy Eubank, Hoosier Ag Today

Sep 5, 2021


Soil health practices across the country continue to gain traction, and a strong indicator comes in a new Corteva Agriscience survey of over 600 row crop farmers in 26 states. But the survey confirms participation in carbon programs is low.


Ben Gordon with Corteva Agriscience says much of the survey data wasn’t surprising.


“But I think what got us excited about the data that we saw is that there is a lot more interest from both folks that have tried these practices, thinking about reduction in tillage or incorporation of cover crops, as well as those who haven’t,” Gordon explained. “What we found is roughly two-thirds of folks have tried a practice. We know that’s way more than the acreage that we see. We see from USDA that less than a quarter of acres have either of those practices on them, but there’s been an increased interest in sustainability and stewardship and in these practices and the main barriers that we’ve seen are really agronomic know how, equipment, and just return on investment.”


Many of the farmers employing those practices have enough to qualify them to enroll in most carbon programs. But just three percent of those surveyed are enrolled in a carbon sequestration program. Seventy-two percent are aware of carbon offerings...