Nebraska rancher says cattle prices are improving, industry needs compromises


By Kellan Heavican, Brownfield

September 3, 2021


Efforts are being made to address the price imbalance in the cattle industry and Western Nebraska cattle rancher Jaclyn Wilson says it’s paying off. “There’s some pockets out there that are seeing some increases in price. I know we are actually selling cattle this week, selling some yearlings off grass, and compared to where the market has been, it’s favorable,” Wilson says.


She tells Brownfield there’s more room for growth if the industry can make compromises. “Anything from cash to live bits to contract cattle to economics in general to traceability, you name it,” she says. “No one can agree on anything.”


While there’s been consensus among many cattle groups for transparency, Wilson says stakeholders still need to come together to move the industry forward. “There needs to be some people that are willing to come up with some of those compromises,” she says. “I think you get a couple of different industry groups in there and they get pretty hardnosed and don’t want to maneuver on where their stances are, and you don’t move forward.”


She says compromises also need to be made with policies from the Biden administration.


Wilson says other issues are complicating issues like...


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