Suspected case of “mad cow” in central Brazil; live cattle prices plummet


MercoPress (Uruguay)

September 3rd 2021


The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture confirmed it was investigating a suspected case of “mad cow” in the central state of Minas Gerais. The situation dating to August 31 caused abattoirs and meatpacking plants to stop the purchase of cattle with an immediate downfall in prices, expected to continue until the situation is cleared.


According to news reports from Brazilian media, the first analysis done to the suspected old cow was positive BSE gene, but a second test did not confirm the case and thus expectations were centered in a third test.


Brazil as a member of Paris based OIE, (World Organization for Animal Health) is obliged to adopt the vigilance, investigation and notification process to the UN office, which manages global information and warnings on animal health and diseases.


Once all the tests have been completed the ministry will make official the results. Apparently the case could be “atypical” as happened back in 2019 in Matto Grosso state, another important livestock breeding Brazilian state.


The meat industry in Minas Gerais suspended activities waiting for the definitive results...