More Pandemic Aid on Tap for Agriculture, says Vilsack


By Chuck Abbott, Successful Farming - 7/21/2021


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced up to $200 million in pandemic relief for loggers and timber haulers on Tuesday and said “there is more to come” for agriculture in the weeks ahead. An additional $2.4 billion is on the USDA’s list for action this summer, including $700 million for biofuel producers and $980 million in dairy supports.


“The whole goal of this is to get as much of this done in 2021 as possible,” said Vilsack when asked about the pace of payments to farmers and ranchers. The Biden administration has committed $7.3 billion to coronavirus aid to farmers since March.


Sign-up began on Tuesday for an estimated $300 million in compensation for pig and poultry producers who were forced to destroy animals during 2020. The USDA announced the Pandemic Livestock Indemnity Program a week ago.




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