Mark Bittman Is Already Disappointed in President Biden

The influential food writer takes on big food, ‘junky’ plant-based burgers and how the White House should fix the system.


By Deena Shanker, Bloomberg 

July 21, 2021


Few people have had as much to say about the American diet as Mark Bittman.


Between his bestselling cookbooks, four television series and 30-year run covering food for the New York Times, Bittman, 71, entrenched himself in America’s kitchens. But his latest tome goes further than teaching readers what to eat and why. With a multi-millennial sweep, he uses cuisine to track the evolution of Homo sapiens through imperialism and colonization to today.


The central takeaway from “Animal, Vegetable, Junk” is that if society doesn’t fix its food system—and everything tied up in it, including the environment, human rights and democracy itself—it faces disaster.


Bloomberg recently spoke with Bittman about history, the future and what he hopes the Biden administration will do to change it.


In the beginning of the book, you write that civilizations that degrade their soil will ultimately fail, pointing to examples such as Sumer, the Mayans and Rome. What does this mean for us? ...