Drought conditions force local ranchers to sell their cattle


By Ariana Jaso, CNN Newsource

via KQFX/KMIZ (MO) - Jul 20, 2021


AROMAS, California (KSBW) — With 85% of California being in an extreme drought, many cattle ranchers are facing some tough decisions — to keep or sell their cattle.


On Friday, the cows at Three Star Ranch Station were moved to a new location. Since there’s too many cows and just not enough water.


Keeping them fed and hydrated isn’t easy.


“Due to the lack of rainfall during the rainy season, it’s going to be a very long summer. And we’re biting our fingernails. Each cow drinks 20 gallons of water daily,” said Mark Farr, owner of Corral de Tierra Cattle Co.


Forcing ranchers to sell their cattle.


“Normally, I would retain a few calves to finish on the grass and harvest for beef. But unfortunately, with the drought this year, we sold everything in a conventional market,” said Farr.


“So the cost to keep the cows gets almost prohibited and selling them in most cases is a better option than feeding high-priced hay,” said Jim Warren, owner of 101 Livestock Market.


With the high increase in people selling, looking for people to buy is now a problem too.


“We do have a lot of liquidation...