Bipartisan U.S. bill aims to eliminate corn ethanol volume mandate


By Stephanie Kelly, Reuters

via Yahoo Finance - Jul 20, 2021


NEW YORK, July 20 (Reuters) - A bipartisan group of U.S. senators introduced legislation on Tuesday that would eliminate a national mandate requiring oil refiners to blend corn-based ethanol into their fuel mix - a proposal that would slam corn growers and is likely to face vehement opposition from the farm lobby.


Republican Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania and Democratic Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey, part of the group introducing the bill, represent states with oil refineries that claim the mandates are expensive and threaten refinery jobs.


Lawmakers from both states have been pushing the Biden administration to relieve refineries of their obligations under the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard, which was enacted to expand the market for U.S. renewable fuels and boost energy independence.


Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein from California and Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine joined Toomey and Menendez in introducing the bill. They say that other biofuels have lower greenhouse gas emissions, though ethanol proponents argue the product is a good option to help fight climate change now.


The senators claim the bill...