First-hand ASF experience offers lessons for US industry

Plan for the worst; hope for the best. That’s good advice for many situations but particularly accurate when it comes to African swine fever (ASF).


by Pig Health Today

via The Pig Site - 21 July 2021


So far, the US has kept the virus from reaching its swine herd, but that doesn’t mean producers, caregivers or swine veterinarians can temper their vigilance.


In fact, remaining vigilant is a key message that Keith Erlandson, DVM, Zoetis, wants to drive home to the US swine industry. “We need to keep reminding people that ASF is still out there, and it could get into the US,” he told Pig Health Today.


Erlandson spent five years in China working with a range of integrated production sites and was involved with a sow farm that broke with ASF one month after the 3 August 2018 index case. Within a month, the virus had spread to five other provinces, and by year’s end ASF had infected the entire country. Over the course of nearly three years, he gained first-hand experience dealing with the disease from sow farms to finishing sites. Among the lessons learned was that the course of the disease, diagnosing cases, as well as control and eradication are all more complex than anticipated.


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