ASF Germany: Growing disgruntlement about strategy


Kees van Dooren, Pig Progress 

Jul 21, 2021   


As the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus has been spreading into domestic pigs in Germany, disgruntlement has grown amongst German producers about how the virus is tackled.


In a reaction on the latest developments in domestic pigs in Brandenburg state, the German Farmers’ Union (DBV) demanded a more consistent approach of the ASF virus. In a press release, chairman Hubertus Beringmeier stated that more effective measures are needed in the battle to overcome ASF.


‘More consistent policy against ASF needed’


Beringmeier called for more speed, more unity and a more consistent policy when facing ASF. The recent outbreaks on 3 domestic pig locations in Germany have shown that the strategy to fight the virus is not sufficient.


Beringmeier stated that more emphasis should be put on the shooting of wild boar at the border with Poland, plus a double fence is needed at the border rivers Oder and Neisse to protect Germany against invading wild boar, as the virus is spreading like wildfire in Poland. Currently, 1 permanent fence has been put in place, which was completed recently. In addition, pig producers should be frequently testing the biosecurity on their farms. People near affected pigs keeping pigs on a very small scale should stop keeping these – and need to be compensated for that, Beringmeier said.


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