The Worst Grocery Store Butcher According To 23% Of People


By Sophia Lo, Mashed

July 20, 2021


While going to the grocery store and heading over to the butcher for this week's meat might seem straightforward, there's more that can go behind selecting the right cut. We've talked to a butcher at a national grocery store chain who revealed the meats you shouldn't buy, and we've also broken down the best and worst cuts of meat to purchase.


There's also a lot of services that your local store's butcher might offer that you aren't aware of. For example, next time you stop by, ask your butcher if they can have any bones that you can use to make a flavorful stock or see if they can help you pound cutlets or grind meat.


But whether you need your butcher to help you with something that's a little more complicated or just need to swing by for some fresh meat, you'll want to go to high-quality stores. So it helps to know where not to go. Mashed conducted a poll with 587 respondents based in the United States to learn people's thoughts on which grocery store has the worst butcher.


Respondents said Sam's Club has the worst grocery store butcher ...


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