Serious Cow Herd Liquidation Happening in North Dakota Where Drought Blankets the State


Oklahoma Farm Report

20 Jul 2021


While the southern plains has seen drought conditions be a non event thus far in 2021- cattle producers west and north of our area are caught in severe to exceptional drought at the midway point of the calendar year. One of those states where liquidation has been happening in the last few months is North Dakota- and Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Farm Director Ron Hays talked at the start of this week with Megan Overby of the Red River Radio Network from her ranch home near Binford, North Dakota. Overby is a farm broadcaster, but also a rancher with her husband Tanner and they have about 320 mama cows and also farm a couple thousand acres of crops. Their operation is not in the worse of the drought in that state- they are in Severe Drought at this time- but the near term forecast shows 90s to a hundred degree forecast with little chance of rain in the near term.


One hundred percent of North Dakota is currently in Drought- with a dark red spot adding up to about ten percent of the state in exceptional drought here in July.


Overby tells Hays that it has been mostly dry across North Dakota since last fall- pasture is extremely short and the opportunity to raise very much hay has been almost non existent thus far in 2021. On their operation in east central North Dakota, they have culled cows that likely would have been taken to town this fall- and also have not kept any replacement females- opting to only keep productive cows that have a calf by their side- using their feed resources for those animals...