Company launches cultivated porcine meat development

Plans to target broad range of species product types.


National Hog Farmer 

Jul 20, 2021


MeaTech 3D Ltd., a technology company developing a suite of advanced manufacturing technologies to produce cultured meat products, recently announced the initiation of new research and development activities for an additional meat market segment. The research and development will focus on cell lines and technologies for the potential future mass production of cultivated pork.


This expansion of MeaTech’s research and development activities to include pork is part of its strategy to develop a broad cellular agriculture technology offering, which already includes beef and chicken cell lines. Porcine cellular agriculture, if successfully developed, has the potential to expand MeaTech’s potential addressable markets. Pork is currently the most consumed meat across the globe.


Initial research and development activities are expected to be focused on developing stable porcine cell lines which, if developed, have the potential to initiate cultivated pork biomass production capabilities...