Leading fast food chains ‘lagging behind’ on chicken welfare, report says

KFC was the overall top-scoring company on 92% – putting it in the top leadership tier in the UK


By Henry Sandercock, The Grocer (UK)

19 July 2021


Subway, Starbucks, Domino’s and McDonald’s are lagging behind on broiler chicken welfare, a new report on UK fast food outlets has found.


World Animal Protection’s annual Pecking Order report, published today (19 July), ranked leading global QSR and foodservice chains on their commitment, ambition and transparency on chicken welfare in their supply chains.


It placed KFC as the overall top-scoring company with 92% – putting it in the top leadership tier in the UK – thanks to its alignment with the Better Chicken Commitment and the depth and scale in which it had reported on its performance.


Nando’s (78%), Burger King (70%) and Pizza Hut (67%) – all of which have signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment since the previous assessment in January 2020 – moved up the rankings.


Nando’s moved up a tier to be classed as ‘good’, while Burger King and Pizza Hut leapt from the ‘poor’ tier to ‘making progress’. Like KFC, all three scored 100% on their corporate commitments alongside their objectives and targets. But when it came to their welfare reporting mechanisms, Nando’s scored 33%, Burger King 10% and Pizza Hut 0%.


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