Black, Muslim workers accuse team leader of using racial slurs at Tyson plant in NC


By Hayley Fowler, Miami Herald (FL)

July 19, 2021


Two former employees at a Tyson chicken plant in North Carolina said they were repeatedly called a racial slur by a team leader during their four years of employment.


The employees — a married couple who are Black and Muslim — accused Tyson Farms Inc. of violating the Civil Rights Act by allowing management to discriminate against employees and retaliate against those who complained of mistreatment. Tyson Farms operates a Tyson Foods chicken processing plant in Wilkesboro, where the couple previously worked.


Lawyers and a representative for Tyson did not immediately respond to McClatchy News’ request for comment on Monday. An attorney representing the former employees also did not respond.


The lawsuit was first filed April 22 in the Superior Court Division of Forsyth County, court filings show.


But Tyson’s defense attorney had the case moved to the Middle District of North Carolina on Friday, saying the claims under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 fall under federal — not state — jurisdiction...