Minnesota Pork CEO welcomes PPP tax relief


By Mark Dorenkamp, Brownfield

July 19, 2021


Minnesota farmers who used the Paycheck Protection Program during the pandemic will not owe state income tax on those loans.


Minnesota Pork Producers Association CEO David Preisler says that’s consistent with every other state in the Upper Midwest.


“It just took a little longer for us to work through that process here in Minnesota, but that was a big win. Even six to eight weeks ago there was discussion about taxing a portion of that, so it was good to see it all come through and not be taxable.”


Most states exempted PPP income, but Minnesota lawmakers went back and forth until the end of June’s special session before coming to terms on a tax bill that was signed by Governor Walz.


Preisler tells Brownfield PPP loans helped pork producers...


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