JBS USA latest food maker to tie environmental performance goals to executive pay


Christopher Doering, FoodDive

July 15, 2021


Dive Brief:


         JBS USA will tie senior executive compensation considerations to the company's ability to meet environmental goals, and align interim targets using science-based criteria, the company said in its 2020 Sustainability Report.

         The financial incentive was part of a larger report outlining the meat processor's work in sustainability and steps it plans to take going forward. JBS' environmental goals include achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, cutting water use intensity, increasing its percentage of renewable energy and investing in regenerative farming practices.

         A growing number of companies across many industries, including the food and beverage space, are tying their leaders' compensation to their success achieving certain targets in environment, sustainability or governance as consumers put a greater importance on these issues when they decide which products to buy.


Dive Insight:


The JBS USA report offered no details in terms of the company's efforts to tie compensation to meeting certain environmental goals, and a spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment. But the fact that the meat processor is taking this step speaks to the growing importance of sustainability to consumers...


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