JBS grainfed supply chain introduces first mandatory BRD vax program


Beef Central (AU)



IN an Australian first, JBS Australia has introduced a mandatory BRD pre-vaccination requirement for feeder cattle entering the company’s three NSW feedyards.


Along with some other large grainfed supply chains, JBS has for years offered a voluntary pre-vaccination incentive payment for feeder cattle suppliers, recently $15/head on top of the standard price. Between 35pc and 40pc of feeder cattle entering the company’s NSW yards have been supplied under the previous voluntary incentive, Beef Central was told.


An announcement this morning said the company’s three NSW feedlots – JBS Prime City, JBS Riverina and JBS Caroona – will from 1 September only accept feeder cattle that have been pre-vaccinated with a single shot of Bovilis MH+IBR, to help control the effects of BRD.


The move has been endorsed by global supermarket giant, McDonald’s – one of JBS Australia’s largest end customers.


JBS’s three NSW feedyards have a combined capacity of around 110,000 head, and if fully executed, the new commitment could cover well over 200,000 fed cattle each year.


The company told Beef Central the pre-vaccination commitment will not be applied in its Queensland yards, including Beef City and Mungindi, because of different climatic and feeding conditions, and different breed types involved. British-type cattle tended to be more susceptible to BRD than other breed types, and the company’s southern yards had more ‘clearly defined’ seasonal cycles that could contribute to BRD challenge.


The Brazil-based JBS parent company recently launched its global sustainability commitment (see earlier story), including an animal welfare component as one of its key features...


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