Cargill and Carthage look to plug knowledge gaps in sow nutrition and health


By Jane Byrne, Feed Navigator



Cargill and Carthage Veterinary Services have entered into a multi-year agreement aimed at expanding commercial sow nutrition and health research.


The agreement brings together Cargill’s expertise in nutrients and animal nutrition with Carthage’s experience in animal care, research, and operational expertise.


The partners have three main objectives:


·         Optimize sow performance and health

·         Deliver more and healthier pigs into the pork supply chain, and

·         Support producer success/profitability.


There is a knowledge gap within the swine industry around delivering the best nutrition and conditions for females to optimize performance from gilts, said the companies.


“Sow research at this scale is extremely limited in the industry,”​ says Brent Frederick, swine innovation lead, in Cargill’s animal nutrition business. “It’s expensive, time-consuming work, and given the economics of pork production today, the near-term ROI just isn’t there for producers to invest on their own.”​


The research alliance, Cargill told us, will look at elements like determining how to feed sows to optimize the number of piglets as genetics advance, how to treat the sow to influence subsequent effects on piglet quality, and how to optimize sow health and longevity in the herd.   ​


Trial objectives ...


Investment in sow research facilities ​...