Where’s your beef from?

Biden order seeks to boost US ranchers, clarify for consumers


By Bryan Lowry and Jonathan Shorman, McClatchy Washington Bureau

via The Lima News (OH) - July 17, 2021


WASHINGTON — Where was your burger born?


The meat in your bun could have come from a cow raised on a Kansas farm. Or it could be from Australia, Canada or a handful of other countries.


Either way, you might find it in the grocery store labeled as a “Product of the USA” if the meat was processed at an American plant. In the case of ground beef, cuts from other countries might be mixed with American beef and labeled as a domestic product after processing.


But that’s likely to change after President Joe Biden last week directed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to consider adopting a rule to ensure that only meat that comes from animals born and raised in the U.S. can be labeled as a “Product of the USA.”


“This was a nice, welcomed surprise,” said Phil Perry, who owns and operates a cattle ranch in Oskaloosa in northeast Kansas, which typically has about 400 to 500 black angus cattle at any given time.


“It’s good to know that somebody has brought these issues to his attention. It’s good to see that maybe somebody in our industry is getting back there and making tracks.”


The provision on meat labeling was part of a larger executive order by Biden intended to help U.S. companies compete internationally and to challenge conglomeration domestically...