Tyson Integrates New Animal Welfare Framework


By Industry Press Release

via Drovers - July 16, 2021


Tyson Foods says it is evolving its approach to animal welfare by integrating a new animal welfare framework across its global operations. The new initiative is known as the Five Domains.


In a release issued Friday, Tyson’s said its Office of Animal Welfare plays an important role in ensuring the company’s vision for animal welfare becomes a reality: to be the world leader in animal welfare through compassionate care based in sound science. Part of being a leader means being open to creative thinking, innovation, and evolving knowledge and practices. The Five Domains, as devised by Professor David Mellor and colleagues, provides a comprehensive platform that incorporates functional and behavioral components, which considered as a whole, provide an assessment of an animal’s overall mental state, also known as the welfare of the animal.


While Tyson Foods acknowledges the importance of the Five Freedoms welfare framework (freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain injury or disease; freedom to express normal behavior; and freedom from fear and distress) in the development of its animal welfare approach, the company made the strategic decision to transition from the Five Freedoms to the Five Domains last year. 


Tyson is now moving ahead with widescale integration of the Five Domains across the enterprise. By adopting the Five Domains, the company’s welfare practices are evolving and allowing the company to identify opportunities for enhancement and examine positive outcomes and behaviors of each animal, therefore providing a better understanding of animal needs and ultimately better welfare outcomes.


“Incorporating the Five Domains into our daily conversations and actions is essential for Tyson Foods to drive continuous improvement in our welfare program and culture throughout our global operations”, said Dr. Ken Opengart, vice president of global animal welfare, Tyson Foods.


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