Nestle to shut Ontario foodservice processing plant

Trenton facility to close in mid-2022


By Dave Bedard, GFM Network News, Editor, Daily News

via Canadian Cattlemen - July 16, 2021


Global food processing giant Nestle plans to shut a southeastern Ontario plant and move its work to sites in the U.S., citing a “highly competitive” market.


The company announced Thursday it will start to wind down work late this year at the Nestle Professional plant at Trenton, where dehydrated dry-blend and frozen products are made mainly for the U.S. restaurant and hospitality sectors.


The plant is expected to close in stages with the first products transferring to U.S. plants in late 2021 ahead of a “full shutdown” at Trenton by mid-2022, Nestle said.


In a release, Nestle said the foodservice industry is “highly competitive” and volumes in the U.S. have “continually outpaced” Canadian volumes, meaning over 80 per cent of the Trenton plant’s annual output is now shipped to the U.S.


The Trenton plant, Nestle said, “is part of a North American manufacturing network and the U.S. foodservice factories have capacity to absorb the production.”


However, the company said...