McDonald's blockade: Arrests as Animal Rebellion protest continues

Protesters set up a blockade to the entrance to OSI Food Solutions in Scunthorpe on Thursday


BBC News (UK)

Jul 17, 2021


Four people have been arrested as activists continue a third day of protests outside one of McDonald's main UK suppliers.


Animal Rebellion supporters set up a blockade at OSI Food Solutions in Scunthorpe on Thursday over demands the fast food giant become plant-based.


As well as the arrests, Humberside Police said nine people had been reported for summons.


Neither McDonald's or OSI have commented on the protests.


Protesters claim the plant produces three million beef patties a day and is the only McDonald's burger factory in the UK.


In a company brochure OSI describes itself as the "exclusive supplier of red meat products" to the chain's 1,400 UK branches.


In a statement, Animal Rebellion said it would remain at site "as long as needed to cause massive disruption" but would end the blockade if McDonald's made a commitment to "becoming 20% plant-based within one year".


Police said...


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