Lab-grown protein is cultivating investor interest



July 16, 2021


The success of alternative meat products developed by companies like Beyond Meat, as well as early regulatory approval, has helped drive a wave of investment in the cultivated protein industry.


Despite this enthusiasm, the industry remains nascent and largely pre-revenue, with several growth challenges ahead, including the need for clear regulatory frameworks, more commercially viable products and scalable technologies.


PitchBook's latest analyst note offers an in-depth look at how cultivated meat is made and recent factors influencing startup opportunities in the emerging industry. Key takeaways include:


         VC deal count in cultivated protein startups nearly tripled in 2018, coinciding with the announcements of commercialization timelines by providers like Eat Just and Mosa Meat. Deal activity and funding have steadily climbed from $25 million invested in one deal during 2012 to nearly $303 million invested across 33 deals in 2020.


         The lack of a path to regulatory approval is a significant commercialization roadblock...